The benefits of regular massage.

Physical benefits • Relaxes the body • Calms the nervous system • Lowers blood pressure • Reduces heart rate • Slows respiration • Stretches connective tissue • Reduces chronic pain • Improves red blood cell count • Relives tired and aching muscles • Improves muscle tone • Relieves cramped muscles • Speeds recovery from injury • Reduces tension headaches • Increases tissue metabolism • Decreases muscle deterioration • Speeds Recovery from illness • Increases range of motion • Speeds elimination of metabolic waste • Increases blood and lymph circulation • Stimulates the release of endorphins • Strengthens the immune system • Reduces swelling • Improves skin tone.
Emotional benefits • Reduces anxiety • Enhances self-image • Provides a feeling of wellbeing • Nurtures and stimulates emotional growth.
Mental benefits • Reduces mental stress • Promotes quality sleep • Improves productivity • Induces mental relaxation.

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