My massage therapist of choice


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience with Lawrence Hudspeth. Lawrence became my massage therapist of choice approximately three years ago. Lawrence is an experienced massage therapist that has a warm and kind demeanor. He always takes the time to make sure he understands my current physical issues, and he systematically addresses them. Lawrence is very intuitive and detail oriented. He can often feel areas that need his focus, yet he always provides a balanced massage addressing both sides of the body. Lawrence is highly trained and very experienced. He studied Thai massage abroad and is very adept in delivering different massage techniques. Lawrence is also very skilled in deep tissue massage and applies this technique with a sensitivity which results in a very effective massage without the soreness one can experience from this technique.  He is a talented massage therapist and he applies his skill in a strong, sensitive and intuitive manner. It is because of these characteristics that I continue to see Lawrence on a weekly basis and can highly recommend him.

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